IVI Doral

Welcome to IVI Doral, a new iconic destination that completely gives you the pleasure of life. This new privately gated community reflects the very finest that any exclusive home has to offer: spacious interiors, luxurious and modern comfort with a large backyard, extravagant rooftop terrace, open living areas and grand kitchen.

Contemporary Kitchen:                                                                             Italian wood cabinetry, quartz countertop and backsplash, dual stainless steel sink, BOSCH Stainless steel appliances

Community Features:
Unique architecture/ Customized homes; private clubhouse with oversized swimming pool; racquetball courts; fitness center; spa and sun deck; theater room.

Model 1: 6 Bedrooms/ 3.5 Bathrooms
Total Sq.Ft: 3,814
A/C Total Sq.Ft: 3,177
Optional Roof Deck: 630 Sf.
Total: 4,444 Sf.

Model 2: 5 Bedrooms/ 4.5 Bathrooms
Total Sq.Ft: 4,158
A/C Total Sq.Ft: 2,951
Optional Roof Deck: 433 Sf.
Total: 4,591 Sf.

Model 3: 6 Bedrooms/ 4.5 Bathrooms
Total Sq.Ft: 3,860
A/C Total Sq.Ft: 4,735
Optional Roof Deck: 836 Sf.
Total: 5,571 Sf.

Model 4: 6 Bedrooms/ 4.5 Bathrooms
Total Sq.Ft: 5,315
A/C Total Sq.Ft: 4,003
Optional Roof Deck: 1,330 Sf.
Total: 6,645 Sf.

Model 5: 5 Bedrooms/ 4.5 Bathrooms
Total Sq.Ft: 4939
A/C Total Sq.Ft: 3935
Optional Roof Deck: 952 Sf.
Total: 6041 Sf.